jQuery is an open-source toolkit for applying JavaScript to web pages. based on the concept of selecting page elements using CSS style rules, and then performing various tasks with the selected elements, including styling, inserting and removing DOM elements, applying event handlers, and loading content using Ajax.


  1. Review of JavaScript
  2. Basic jQuery Concepts
  3. Making Selections
  4. Operating on Selections
    • styling
    • reading and setting HTML, text, CSS, and other attributes
    • creating and inserting elements, moving elements, removing elements
    • chaining operations
  5. Traversing the Document
  6. jQuery Utility Methods
  7. Attaching and Removing Event Handlers
  8. Adding Effects to a Page
  9. Ajax - Making dynamic Requests for:
    • Text and HTML data
    • Script data
    • JSON and JSONP
    • XML
  10. Creating and Using Plugins
  11. Creating and Triggering Custom Events

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