The GWT framework enables developers to develop complex web applications with browser-server interaction written in Java. The framework translates the client-side code into JavaScript. The API includes a rich set of GUI elements, as well as Ajax capability via GWT's proprietary RPC mechanism or standard XmlHttpRequest objects.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • familiar syntax for Java developers
  • Java's more robust type-checking at compile-time
  • thoroughly debugged components
  • uses standard server components such as servlets and sessions
  1. Getting Started with GWT
  2. Overview of GWT User Interfaces
  3. Core GWT Widgets
  4. Organizing User Interfaces with Panels
  5. Event Handling
  6. Using Images
  7. History and Bookmarks
  8. GWT Utility Classes
  9. The GWT-RPC Protocol
  10. Creating and Using Modules
  11. Creating Composite GWT Widgets
  12. Using UiBinder
  13. Styling with CSS in GWT
  14. Testing and Debugging
  15. Advanced GWT Connectivity
  16. More Server Integration Options - Ajax and JSON
  17. GWT JavaScript Native Interface

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