Training in ANSI C and C++.

C Programming

The accelerated course covers the same material as the introductory and advanced level courses, but in five days as opposed to seven (four plus three). Course format emphasizes hands-on application of each topic using both small targeted exercises and extension of ongoing exercises.

C Programming – Introduction

  • the C programming environment
  • basic syntax rules
  • variables
  • functions
  • variable scope
  • operators
  • expressions and statements
  • control structures: branches and loops
  • arrays
  • pointers
  • structures and unions

C Programming – Advanced

  • review of pointers
  • string processing
  • dynamic memory allocation
  • file I/O
  • advanced pointers: pointers to structures, function pointers
  • advanced preprocessor directives

C++ Programming

A five-day intensive course. A moderate knowledge of C is assumed.

  • review of C
  • C++ extensions to C data types and declaration syntax
  • object-oriented programming
  • defining objects: properties and methods
  • constructors and destructors
  • specialized constructors
  • method overloading
  • object variables
  • references and pointers
  • input and output
  • inheritance
  • access levels: public, protected, and private
  • standard library classes
  • exception-handling
  • friend classes and methods
  • operator overloading
  • templates and the standard template library

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